Rules and Regulations



As a general rule, the Board of Cemetery Trustees have no disposition to interfere with the preferences and tastes of individuals.  But they nevertheless believe it their duty to reserve the rights conferred upon them by the statutes for insuring the stability of improvements, the good appearance of the grounds, a respectful manner of burying the dead, and a proper observance of the sacredness of the place.

*Care of Lots

This Association was formed for the purpose of preserving, improving, and beautifying Riverside Cemetery as much as possible and the hearty support of all who have loved ones resting there is earnestly desired.

All lots will be given the same general care, such as keeping them clean, the grass mowed and the trees and shrubs trimmed.


*Perpetual Care

All lot owners are required to provide for the perpetual care of their lots by depositing the required amount with the Association, thus insuring the upkeep of the lot and graves forever.


The Perpetual Care Fund is provided for by Chapter 157, Laws of Wisconsin, and is administered according to the terms of the Statutes.


*Transfer of Lots

No sale, transfer or assignment of the certificate of ownership of any lot in Riverside Cemetery shall be valid without the consent of the Board of Trustees and upon the further condition that perpetual care upon said lot to paid by either the assignor or assignee.

Lots are inalienable after an interment has been made and while any person is buried therein, except with the consent of the majority of the Trustees, but one or more heirs may release their interest in any lot to any other heir.  In all cases when owners are desirous of selling the same, the transaction must take place through the Secretary of Riverside Cemetery Association as no lot owner has a right to transfer his lot, except as herein provided.


Such transfers are more privileges extended in special cases by the Association after careful investigation and the determination by the officers that such transfers are proper to be made.

The removal by the heirs, of bodies of the deceased lot owner and the immediate family for profit to themselves, is repugnant to the ordinary sense of decency and is absolutely forbidden.


*Duty of Heirs

In case of the death of a lot owner it shall be the duty of the heirs or devisees to file with the Secretary of the Association satisfactory proof of the new ownership.


This is a very important matter as the Association cannot allow interments to be made until such proof is given.

In the case of vacant lots, or parts of lots, by non-users or disinterment, the Board of Trustees reserves the exclusive right to a conveyance thereof upon paying back to the owner thereof the original price paid therefore less the amount due on upkeep of lot unpaid.


All lot owners are prohibited from selling their lots in whole or in part, or from transferring the same without the express permission of the Board of Trustees of Riverside Cemetery, and whenever the Board of Trustees shall, after an investigation of an individual case, agree to repurchase a lot formerly sold, payment will be made with the lot owner shall have conveyed by deed the lot to the cemetery, furnishing good and sufficient title approved by the attorney for the Board, and no more will be paid than was originally received, plus reasonable amounts for improvements, if any.


*Regulations in Regard to Interment

Until all charges due the Association are paid, burials are not allowed in any lot.  If they should be permitted before the lot is fully paid for, the Association retains the right of ownership of lot, and in case the party purchasing the same fails to pay the full amount due thereon, the Association may proceed to remove the bodies therein to a smaller lot or the portion set apart for single graves.

Whenever interments are to be made, at least eight hours notice in summer and twenty four hours in winter must be given the sexton.


When interments are to be made in private lots, parties interested should be in attendance to give the exact location of the graves, as the sexton will not be responsible for errors due to lack of such information.  Instructions, of course, may be left with your funeral director, who may act for you.


The sexton of the cemetery or the assistance or someone in the employ of the cemetery, is required to be in attendance at every interment.  No graves shall be opened by any workmen but those employed by and under the direction of the cemetery committee.


*Who Inherits Cemetery Lot at Death of Its Owner

On the death of the owner of a lot, the lot goes to the children.  If no children, to the widow or widower, if any.  If no children, widow or widower, the lot goes to the heirs as designated by law.


Interment allowed the widow or widower of owner, if not remarried; and if remarried, with consent of the heirs.  The heirs have the privilege of interring the same persons as the original owner of the lot.


No person will be recognized as owner or part owner of a lot unless his name appears upon the books of the Association in lot and deed records.  In case of the death of the lot owner when the cemetery lot is disposed of by will, a certified copy of the will must be delivered to the Secretary of the Association upon the receipt of which the names of the new owner will be registered.  If the deceased lot owner left no will, a certified copy of the proof of heirship made in the probate court must be presented.  Lot owners when making their wills should include the cemetery lot and should will it to one person.  Neglect of this precaution may cause serious trouble in later years.


*Monumental Work and Foundations

No workmen other than employees of the cemetery will be admitted to the cemetery grounds for the purpose of doing any work thereon except the setting of stonework and the erection of monuments.

All structures must have foundations of solid masonry (of the depth and size 4 inches wider all around the stone to be sufficient under the rules of the Association).

All monument shall be defined as any memorial structure other than a marker, erected upon a lot, except a vault or a mausoleum.


*Will Not Be Responsible

It is practically impossible to prevent damage to raised letters on the vertical faces of any monumental work, especially where they are near to the surface of the ground.  While the Association will in all cases use every effort to protect them, if disclaims responsibility for any damage arising from any cause to any marker, monument, vase or other structure on any lot.

Cement and other preparations used in joints of monuments only disintegrate and fall out in a very short space of time, allowing dust to settle and rain wash in and out of joints.  It is far better construction to use wedge lead and this shall be insisted upon in the erection of all monuments.


The monument dealers will set all stones and markers under the supervision of the sexton or trustees.


*Will Not Be Allowed

Curbing or stone around graves or lots will not be allowed on the cemetery grounds.

Slabs which are not covers for surface vaults will not be permitted on the graves.

No vehicle shall exceed a speed of ten (10) miles per hour nor shall any vehicle under any circumstances leave the avenue.

Upon the cessation of burials in any given year, bodies then placed in the mausoleum will not be held or stored beyond April 30th of the following year.


Cutting letters on monuments and headstones or other work on lots will require authority from the lot owner.

Holding of unembalmed bodies over the winter in the mausoleum is not allowed



The Trustees of Riverside Cemetery Association shall have the entire control and management of the affairs of the Association, and any person violating any of these by-laws or regulations will be amenable to the statute law of the State of Wisconsin.

Builders or their employees failing to conform to the rules of the cemetery or direction of the superintendent will be prohibited from working on the grounds.


Workmen must suspend their labors, if in the immediate vicinity of an interment, until the conclusion of the service.

The proprietor of a lot should have the right to have put on such lot any proper stones, monuments or sepulchral structures etc. thereon, except that no slabs shall be set in no other than a horizontal position.  All headstones are required to have a solid foundation of mason work.


The Board of Trustees reserves the right without notice to make, amend and repeal the rules and regulations of the cemetery.

Any rules or regulations previously adopted in conflict with the foregoing are hereby repealed.


*Automobiles in Cemetery

  • Speed must not exceed ten (10) miles per hour.

  • The machine must be so driven that no audible signal will be necessary.

  • The machine must not pass a funeral cortege proceeding in the same direction or, at a point where a burial is in progress.

  • The driver of an automobile must carefully heed and obey all warnings and signals.


*Don’t to Persons Visiting Cemetery

  • No advertisements or signs in any form will be allowed, other than required by cemetery for enforcement of law or guidance.

  • All persons are prohibited from plucking any flowers, whether wild or cultivated, breaking or injuring any tree, shrub, plant, or defacing any tree or land mark, monument or marker.

  • Guy ropes must not be fastened to trees or monuments without a special permit from the superintendent, and sufficient padding must be used around trees to protect them.

  • No person is permitted to enter the cemetery except through the gates, and no person will be permitted to use boisterous profane language, or in any other way to disturb the quiet or good order of the cemetery.

  • No unauthorized vehicle is to be parked in the cemetery unless it is for cemetery business.



The sexton will have authority to expel from the cemetery any person disturbing its sanctity by noisy, boisterous or other improper conduct, or who shall violate any of the foregoing rules.  He shall see that the rights and rules of the Association are respected by mechanics and laborers.


Officers of the Board of Trustees are empowered by law to enforce all by-laws and regulations.


The sexton will give estimates to lot owners for sodding, grading, and repair work of any kind.


The sexton shall hold his office at the pleasure of the Trustees and receive such compensation as they shall vote.


*Rules Concerning Lot Owners, Care of Flowers, Vases, ETC.

The throwing of rubbish on the avenues or any other part of the grounds is strictly prohibited.  Proper receptacles are provided at convenient points on the grounds for the deposit of weeds, decayed flowers and plants, etc.

In any lot or grave shall, in the opinion of the sexton, become unsightly, it shall be his or her duty to put such lot or grave in proper condition under supervision of the work committee.


The Association will not be responsible for any damage done to vases or urns where their handling or moving becomes necessary.

In no event will the Association be responsible for loss or damage to articles placed upon lots or graves.

The proprietor of a lot shall be permitted to plant and cultivate shrubs or plants on the same, if shrubs comply with the planting regulations of the cemetery.  Sexton will gladly advise lot owners.


If any trees or shrubs situated in any lot shall by means of their roots or branches, or seeds, or pods, become detrimental to adjacent lots or avenues or monuments, or unsightly or inconvenient for passengers, it shall be the duty of the cemetery authorities, and they shall have the right to enter said lots and remove said trees and shrubs or such parts thereof as they shall determine to be detrimental, unsightly or inconvenient.


The Board of Trustees may from time to time lay out or alter the avenues or walks or make such rules and regulations of the grounds as they may deem requisite and proper to secure and promote the general objects of the cemetery.

Many plants, especially vines, interfere with the proper care of lots and graves and injure the grass.  Such plants will be removed when found objectionable.


The Association will not be responsible for frozen plants or plantings damaged by hail, windstorm, thieves, vandals or other causes beyond its control.


If, however, any persons set out plants on lot or grave in an unsightly manner, or fail to properly care for them, the sexton will remove them and sod the grave or lot level.


Receptacles for cut flowers should be sunk level with the ground, thus insuring the safety of such articles, and facilitating the cutting of the grass from the graves.


The Board of Trustees alone shall have the right to determine the grade of the lot.


No walks of brick, cinders, stone, marble or terra cotta, tiles, sand, cement, concrete, gravel or wood shall be allowed on or around any lot.


When a grave sinks or collapses from any cause, the sexton will fill in with dirt; but under no circumstances does the Board of Trustees hold itself liable to restore or replace the sod (if any) or plants (if any) that were on the mound before it collapsed.  The cost of resetting any marker or monument on such collapsed grave shall be charged to the owner.


The foregoing rules and by-laws shall become effective and in force on and after the 1st day of June, 1987.


*Changes to Rules & Regulations   - Effective February 10, 1997


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